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See if Academic Sharing is right for your school


Is Academic Sharing™ right for your institution?

Download our free Academic Sharing guide to learn how institutions are sharing courses and tuition revenue to improve student recruitment, retention, and rate of progress.
Why Use
Academic Sharing™?
Why enroll your students at other institutions?

Why teach students from other institutions?
  • Recover lost tuition and transfer credits by revenue sharing in summer and winter terms with online courses offered by mission-aligned institutions
  • Increase retention and rate of progress by offering online courses to catch students up when they fall behind
  • Recruit more students by adding key courses and program features through consortial arrangements with mission-aligned institutions
  • Offer students and your community skill and certification-based courses that support career development and generate new revenue
  • Exercise more control over the courses students actually take to complete their programs

Part of an existing association, consortium, or system of institutions?